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Brand new!! My art images available on cool items like this pictured here through www.erittler.redbubble.com.  It's easy!  Choose the art image you like, choose the product and Redbubble does the rest, shipping fast to your door!  

Your Art Box
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Check out my blog www.yourartbox.com.  It's chock full of art info  - tips, techniques, product reviews, all things art for you to create your best art!


I can almost hear it mooing!! Recent Class project in Henrietta facility.  Colored pencil application rendered by artist, Diane C.  So realistic! Great Job, Diane!!

Upcoming Workshops

We may get a little sad as summer winds down, still it's fun to look forward to the Fall season.  So much richness of color!  And...upcoming colored pencil and watercolor pencil workshops.

Wadsworth Library - Geneseo, NY

Brighton Recreation Center - Rochester, NY

Pittsford Library - Pittsford, NY 

These workshops have already taken place.  See Instruction page for upcoming ones. 



A favorite summer attraction is the beach of course where these beautiful shells are found.  This seashell piece was rendered in colored pencil in a Chili workshop.  The artist, Tony, did a great job in achieving boldness, depth and detail in his work.  Nice, Tony! 


Nothing like ice cream in the summertime.  I think everyone had to go get an ice cream cone after completing this piece!  Pictured from left to right are Tony, Rhonda, Betty, Joyce, Marilyn and Gloria.  Great job everyone!


Kaye proudly shows off her beautiful work on this lilacs piece.  Lovely!

BSC Mar.jpg

Participants of Expressions of Life in colored pencil workshop from Brighton Rec show off their beautiful water lily pictures.  Great job everyone!


2019 is off to a great start as Penfield Library offered a beginner Expressions of Life in Colored Pencil workshop January 5.  Thank you to all who participated!  Pictured here are two of the participants.  Nice work Doug and Mary!

Happy New Year all our art friends!  May 2019 be filled with happiness, health and art-filled memories!!  


Brighton Recreation participants rendered this cornucopia piece beautifully!  Pitcured are front row: Soralee, Carol and Antoinette; back row: Amy, Ronna and Sue.

November 2018 marked seven years for Expressions of Life art classes and workshops and expansion to 17 facilities! To all participants past and present and the facilities, THANK YOU!!


Vicki from Henrietta, NY completed this amazing coloring using techniques and tips learned in the new "Coloring Beyond the Lines" workshop.  Great work, Vicki! 


Dorothy, Pat Myra and Joan from Henrietta facility enjoyed rendering this Fall Mum Cart piece.  Good work laides!


Expressions of Life has surpassed 6 years and is still going strong in providing classes and workshops in a dozen different facilities in the Monroe County area!  Pictured are participants from Henrietta, NY.  From left to right are:  Freeman, Nancy, Diane and Diane.  Excellent work on your Easter pictures everyone!  (and loads of fun, too!)

BSC robin.jpg

Participants of "Expressions of Life" workshop at Brighton Rec center once again completed this lovely robin piece using Watercolor Pencil.  We are all hoping for Spring soon!  Pictured from left to right are:  Paula, Shirley, Alice, Ann and Helen.  

Beautiful artwork everyone!


Working in pastel, Jon completed this rendering in "Expressions of Life" art class at Rochester living facility.  Many hours logged in along with many layers to complete this soft, serene piece.  Well done, Jon! 


"Expressions of Life" is 5 years old!  Elaine just celebrated her fifth year in providing art instruction classes .  Brighton Rec participants revealed their artistic talent in this piece. From left to right are Paula, Iraida, Ann, Nita and Helen.  Fine job, Ladies!

CB project.jpg

Another proud group of talented artists completing a project in "Expressions of Life in Colored Pencil" classes at a local retirement community.  Pictured from left to right are Nancy, Molly, Judy, Jack, Jenny and Janice. 

Nice work everyone!

Alden\'s butterflies.jpg

"Alden's Butterflies"....A tribute to and in memory of Alden S. from Rochester, NY and his art.  This is just one of many masterpieces Alden skillfully completed in colored pencil.  You always gave 110% to every project, Alden and I will never forget how you would say "Well, I think I'll call that done.", upon completing each project.  We all miss you and your beautiful art, my friend.

Zuri adj.jpg

Commissioned piece "Zuri" rendered in Graphite

Legacy ES.jpg

Completed 3 successful years of "Expressions of Life" art classes!  Here's just one of several talented groups of artists:

Pictured here are Vicki, Bill and Carmen - hats off to you for your wonderful art!

Sadie Beagle adj.jpg

Commissioned work - "Sadie" rendered in Colored Pencil

Greg and Shari.jpg

Commissioned portrait - "Greg and Shari" 16 x 20 rendered in Oil


Photo of "Expressions of Life" Art classes in a Rochester senior living facility.

Classes - now over two years in the making have expanded to 8 senior living facilities, libraries, day care center and town senior center! 

Lacey 1.jpg


Commissioned 16 x 20 Oil Painting

Moulin Rouge_edited-1.jpg

"Moulin Rouge" 

Original 16 x 20  rendered in Acrylic

mignon garcon2.jpg

"Mignon Garcon" 

8 x 10 commissioned piece rendered in Colored Pencil



8 x 10 commissioned work rendered in Colored Pencil 


Fairport, NY Home

 8" x 10" commissioned house portrait rendered in graphite pencil

Naples Apts..jpg

Naples Apartments, Hornell, NY

16" x 20" commission rendered in oil.


Coloring Book


 - A coloring book designed with "grown-ups" in mind  (although it can be enjoyed by kids as well!). 

 - 24,  8 1/2" x 11"  outlines of varied subjects in still lifes, florals and landscapes. 

 - Heavier paper suitable for colored pencil, crayon, pastels, oil pastels or markers 

 - Image on just one side, allowing for framing if desired. 

 - Fantastic price of just $8.95 (plus tax where applicable and shipping/handling). 

 - Also can purchase a 12-pack of colored pencils with it - both for just $10.95 (plus tax where applicable and shipping/handling)

 - Coloring can be a great stress-reliever and great fun!

-  Makes a great gift, too!

 - To order: SORRY - currently out of print (2017)

Pittsford Home
Recently completed colored pencil rendering of lovely Pittsford Home

Recently rendered in colored pencil

All art images copyright © 2012 Elaine Rittler Fine Art. All Rights Reserved

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